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Pre-Academy Program

Specialized training for U8s to prepare players for more elite training.


  • For young players (typically age 8 and younger) who show potential and have an interest in playing on a Competitive Team at a later age.
  • Provides advanced training to young players to 1) supplement the training they are receiving with their recreational team and 2) to prepare them for eventual entry into the EAFC Competitive Team environment.
  • Players are encouraged to attend tryouts which are held before the start of the Spring and Fall seasons. If appropriate, the player will be referred into the Pre-Academy Training program.
  • Otherwise, interested players are encouraged to contact John Connell at any time during the year to request information about entry into the program.
  • Training would involve short-term clinics or camps scheduled throughout the year. These events may be open to the public or by invitation.
  • Typically training events will be scheduled in the off season to avoid conflict with recreational soccer schedules.
  • The training events would be held at the McClellan soccer fields (may occasionally change to another local location).
  • Cost would be determined as each session is planned. Details of upcoming sessions can be found here.
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